Wellness Experience
to Restore Your Mind,
Body and Soul
"True Paradise, A Piece Of Heaven On Earth"
-Lenny Kravitz-
Villa Anacaona History.
Villa Anacaona rises as the most prestigious, exclusive and unique private luxury villa in the Dominican Republic. Named after Queen Anacaona (1474–1504), whom's name translates to "The Golden Flower". Queen Anacaona became the ruler of both the Xaragua and Yaguana Kingdoms of the Hispaniola Island, commanding over 300 sub-governors and a vast army, she became one of the few women in history who has always been recognized as a leader and crucial figure in history.
Designed by World-Class Architects
Villa Anacaona is available in two different configurations depending on your needs, as a massive 20-Suites, 17.5 Bathrooms Luxury Beachfront Estate or as a 8-Suites, 7 Bathrooms Luxury Villa. Located in the heart of Cabrera, Anacaona sits in a cliff overlooking a private beach inside of Orchid Bay Estates, a gated community in the North Coast town and one of the top 5 gated communities in the Island. Close to local attractions and within 5 minutes to over 10 beaches nearby, the villa has everything you could ever ask for for a wonderful vacation.

A Truly Presidential Villa

Anacaona Villa stands out for it's Presidential-Class Facilities and Amenities, we are world-know for taking hospitality to the next-level, our guest experience is guaranteed to be the best
Beautifully Designed Spaces
Dream En-Suite Bathrooms
150,000 Gallon Heated Pool
Acclimatized Sports Facilities
Fully-Equipped Wellness Center
Resort-Like Sunbath Experience
Executive Room with Wine Cellar
Full-Size Outdoor Tennis Court

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